Saturday, April 11, 2015

10th Annual Toys that Shoot Airgun Show

Today was the 10th annual Flag City Toys that Shoot Airgun Show in Findlay, Ohio. 

The show was, again, packed.  The first hour was literally elbow to elbow in the aisles. I waited a couple hours after the show opened before even attempting to get the camera into play.  Here it is after it slowed down to reasonable.  I'm just gonna throw a bunch of pics up with a few comments here and there. 

Mike Reams--or maybe Don Raitzer--(dang it, they're always next to each other and I think they share table space!) bring some really nice guns.

Tom Gaylord was checking out this .177 R1 wearing a custom Gary Goudy stock.

Tom didn't own it, but I could sense his approval.

Dennis Quackenbush was there with some of his big bore creations.

Earlier in the morning, Steven Joseph had mentioned the proliferation of vintage Sheridans at this particular show.  He was right, and after he pointed it out, I saw them everywhere.  There were probably 30 or more in the hall.

Being Hungarian,  I probably should have bought this FEG. 

Pretty sure Mike Sawmiller and I have exactly the same taste in guns.

Kevin Hull brought everything.   Everything. Modern, vintage. Rare, cool, weird,  he had it all.

An exceedingly rare H. M. Quackenbush bell target.

 H.M. Quackenbush rifles.

Robert Vogel (AKA:  Mr. Hollowpoint) brought a large assortment of his heavyweight projectiles.

Vogel was, of course, next to Brent Hoag of Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles.

.408 caliber guns.

I didn't buy any guns this year.  I was looking for a FWB 65 or 102, but didn't find one.  I did find a big stack of Gaylord's Airgun Letters at Theodore Summers' table and another spare CO2 tank that fits my Aeron target pistols.  I'd like to thank Dan Lerma, Dave Barchent and Duane Shaferly for all tireless effort putting this show together every year.   Exceedingly well done.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Flag City Toys that Shoot Airgun Show

It's that time of year again.  The 10th annual airgun show in Findlay, Ohio.

Saturday, April 11th at the Lighthouse Banquet Facility. 

This show has been a treasure trove for Nick and myself over the years.  Exceedingly well organized and well attended.  Don't miss it!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Simple Bulk Fill System For The Makarov MP-654K Co2 Pistol

Lawrie Amatruda sent in these pictures:
”Here are a few pictures of how I make a simple bulk fill system for the Makarov MP-654K Co2 pistol, it can be used for other pistols with a similar set up to the Makarov, I thought you might like to add it to your Airgun Blog, it makes a very economic way of using these type of pistols. I hope the pictures are self explanatory.”
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

How Lawrie Amatruda Makes Polyurethane Seals.

I received an email from Lawrie Amatruda last week showing how he makes polyurethane seals for air guns:
“I don't know if you have heard of me, my name is Lawrie Amatruda, I am in England UK, I read your great Blogs a lot, I hope you don't mind if I share with you my simple way of making flat section polyurethane seals, I am not an engineer, I'm getting to an age where I would like to pass on any helpful knowledge that I have to aid other DIY airgun enthusiasts to resurrect their old guns , I worked out this method some years ago after not very successfully trying to machine them on my lathe, I do lots of resealing of vintage and antique Co2 and pneumatic airguns for guys here, I hope the pictures are self explanatory.”
“…I believe that obviously from all the information you are giving the collectors around the world the knowledge to restore these older airguns for the next generation, the chance to do the same to their treasured collectables, after all we are only looking after them for future collectors to enjoy. Thank you for referring others to me here in the UK, although I am slowing down a bit now, because of my age, so I am fairly selective with the work I take on, mostly the vintage and antique Co2 and pneumatic airguns”.

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Thanks so much for this hard-won knowledge Lawrie!