Saturday, March 18, 2017

Flag City Toys that Shoot 2017 is Coming

It's almost that time again!

Toys that Shoot Airgun Show in Findlay, Ohio
Saturday, April 8th.   

Check their website for full details 


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Crosman Model 357 (Phase 1) Disassembly, Part 2

On I go…
The cylinder plate pops off.
Nothing special about the valve tube.
My valve tool may need some refurbishing…IMG_6259IMG_6262
Crosman uses quad seals here. These seem pliable and will be reused.IMG_6264
The #38-128 end seal is deformed and clearly not up to the task anymore. Luckily I had a few spares on hand.
The guts.
The #38-130 o-ring has given up the ghost. I replaced it with a 009 viton o-ring. Urethane would be better.
Not wanting to place an order for parts or spend more time making a seal than the gun is worth, I flipped the #357-041 valve seal over. It was still pliable. It had a scratch in the face that could have made the gun leak.
The gun went back together without a hitch, I suppose it’s possible that the latch support could shift, but it seems to lock up fine without play. It’s held gas for 5 days and shoots as accurately as one would hope. I didn’t chrony it because of general laziness.

Crosman Model 357 (Phase 1) Disassembly, Part 1

A friend conned me into resealing a Crosman 357 revolver for him. I realized that we don’t have a full disassembly blog, so I’ll give it that treatment. The last one I disassembled using my patented explosive technique of forgetting that there was a full CO2 cartridge in the gun…
You can get the exploded diagram, etc. here.IMG_6208IMG_6209IMG_6210
1987 vintage.
Let’s begin.
Three screws.
The barrel pivot screw is longer.
The safety is best kept in the side plate so it doesn’t get forgotten.IMG_6219
This is a handy picture as it shows the ideal state of things.IMG_6221IMG_6225
I’m not sure what all the odd hard rubber bits are as the main rubber spring for the latch seems fine.IMG_6226IMG_6227
Removing the lever.
And the index finger.
And the entire valve and piercing body assemblies.IMG_6231
The hammer spring also retains the Piercing body assembly.IMG_6232IMG_6234
Removed the hammer. Notice the solidified grease.IMG_6235
The safety link is behind the trigger.
Trigger spring.
Just a couple of details. Part 2 to follow…

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

FWB 124 Replacement Piston Seal Quickie.

My friend Guy, who traded his FWB 124 to me years ago, managed to convince me to trade it back to him a while back. Recently he found it had no power and wasn’t pushing the pellet out of the barrel. We’ve covered FWB 124 disassembly already on the blog, but I thought the pictures of the damage and the replacement Maccari piston seal and spring warranted a quick post.
At first I thought Guy had gotten sand in the gun, but it turned out that the piston seal had completely crumbled, so that even before I got the piston out little chunks were coming out with the spring.
That’s a decomposed seal…glad it stopped shooting before it completely disintegrated.
Had to chew up the old seal to get it out, compare it to the new Maccari seal.
The new spring with spacers, compared to the old bent one. Good to replace it anyway. I didn’t do anything special, the piston seal was a little snug, but not tight so I didn’t machine or sand it. Lubed everything and put it back together. Fired 4 shots before it started to rain (Oregon winter), first one dieseled, but the last three were all 846 fps, which is amazingly steady. I’m sure it will continue to change over time as it all wears in.